This Vendor Directory for the 2020 Republican National Convention is an effort by the Charlotte Host Committee and Committee on Arrangements to provide local businesses the opportunity to highlight their services to those coming to Charlotte in need of certain convention-related services.

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Businesses listed on this Vendor Directory have not been selected or approved by the Charlotte Host Committee nor the Committee on Arrangements and are listed here for reference purposes only. Neither the Charlotte Host Committee, nor the Committee on Arrangements, are responsible for any outreach, contract negotiations, or services requested or provided that comes from communication via this Vendor Directory. In consideration of your use of this Vendor Directory, you agree not to (and shall procure that each of your affiliates, and your and their respective directors, officers, employees, representative or advisers shall not) make any claim against the Charlotte Host Committee, the Committee on Arrangements or any of their respective affiliates, or their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives or advisers in relation to your use of this Vendor Directory or any discussions, contracts or arrangements resulting therefrom. The Host Committee and the Committee on Arrangements have no obligation to update you on any information regarding vendors shown on here, nor make any representation or warranty about such vendors, their products or services or otherwise. Any business relationship with any vendors or service providers, or any goods or services provided, are not the responsibility of the Charlotte Host Committee or the Committee on Arrangements, and you should conduct your own diligence and research on whether or not to use such vendors.

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